COVID-19 Telehealth Update


I am taking new patients and I am here to support families during this unsettling time.

In order to best serve each of you during the current Covid19 pandemic, I have transitioned my practice to Telehealth for the time being. I will continue to consider the costs and benefits of returning to in-person sessions as the situation develops.

Telehealth is used primarily for therapy sessions. If you are seeking a diagnostic assessment for ASD, please contact me directly. While portions of the assessment may be completed via Telehealth, any testing requiring in-person contact will need to be deferred. I can also provide referrals upon request.

I use Simple Practice Telehealth software, which is adherent to patient privacy law (HIPAA). Patients do not need to install or download software prior to the video session. I will email you a link, and you simply click on the link at our regularly scheduled time; the link will connect us directly via video.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this together.