Autism Signs & Symtoms

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are recognized by difficulties with communication, social-interactions, and a habit of repetitive behaviors. Symptoms for young children may include:

  • Difficulty responding to their name being called

  • Decreased eye contact

  • Less interest in other people that would be expected

  • Difficulty establishing relationships with peers

  • Difficulty playing interactive games with others

  • Delayed speech or speech that does not seem appropriate for a child’s age level

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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing for an autism spectrum disorder and other types of psychiatric symptoms should be performed by a child psychologist with specific training in the assessment of these conditions. When assessing for an autism spectrum disorder, Dr. Sterling focuses on development and behavior within three domains of functioning: communication, social interaction, and repetitive behaviors.

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Dr. Sterling provides individualized treatment, meaning that the specific components and targets of intervention depend on the specific child, teen or adult. Before beginning treatment, Dr. Sterling completes a thorough intake evaluation to ensure that the concerns of the parents and child are identified and prioritized.

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